Monday, June 30, 2008

Correcting an Egregious Oversight

It took me long enough, but I finally realized that while I had thanked him profusely personally, I had not done so here. Please indulge me as I thank a very important person.

A couple of people have asked how I was selected for *the* lunch. Well, it was all because of a gentleman named Bill Chapman. I worked with Bill here in Houston during our "prolonged vacation" (as some friends call it). He was the one that helped me get the job here at Hilton, and has served as a mentor to me since I have left. He has since asked me to give a couple of big presentations.

Last May he sent me an e-mail asking if I'd like to be nominated for the lunch. Needless to say I said yes, and next thing I know I'm having one of the coolest experiences in my life.

Bill - Thank you.

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