Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays

Back on April 2nd, I said in a baseball post:

If you're lucky enough to be in one of the cities where your home team can actually compete for the title (read: not Tampa Bay or Kansas City), you have great expectations. The entire season lays before you, waiting to be written.

Clearly I was proven wrong on half of that statement. The Rays had an amazing season, and last nights loss in Game 5A doesn't diminish that one bit.

To the Rays, the region of Tampa Bay, and a certain commenter who took me to task when I first said that, I'm sorry.

And I like my crow medium rare.


JoeBob said...

I will serve that medium rare crow for you... but.. you can eat only what you like.. since they didn't win the whole shebang.....

BTW... Rays hats and shirts are at Walmart today at 50% off already.. bought me a sweet hat for 5 bucks... I guess the whole area is on to the next sport... oh.. what's that sport again??....

Bucs v Chargers soon... who's it gonna be????

jersey said...

I figured you'd be the first in line to serve the crow.

I'm not sure about the Chargers/Bucs game. It depends on what Chargers team shows up. If it's the one that allegedly made the trip to London (I'm still not convinced that they actually boarded the plane) then it will be the Bucs in a walk. If it's the same team that played the Patriots, then it will beh the Chargers.

BTW - How's your wife?