Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Five

Well, another week, another class, another 5 days in Houston. Fortunately this trip I got to go out to dinner with a couple of friends 3 of the nights I was here, including a trip to the Alamo Drafthouse to watch Heroes on the big screen. I also managed to get on an earlier flight out, so all in all it was about as good of a trip as I could have asked for.

As for the 5, I found these questions back on the same site as before and thought they were kind of interesting.

1. If you're only as old as you feel, how old are you?
16. I don't know that many males progress beyond that point.

2. What habits, traits, or behaviors to you engage in that might be considered too young for you? Which might be considered a trait of someone older than you?
As for being younger, I do still play a lot of video games, and I do still get a thrill out of things I thought were cool when I was a kid, like watching planes take off and land. As for older, well, Karin and I did take 3rd place in the shuffle board tournament on the last cruise we were on together.

3. Do you ever wish you were a different age than you are now? Why?
Not at all. I'm thouroghly enjoying my 30's.

4. Do you deliberately behave or dress a certain way to appear or feel younger than you are? How about older?
Not that I know of.

5. What is your *real* age?
In 18 days, it will be 35.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I like responding to the questions, as if it interests anyone.
1. 25.
2. Too young? I'm not sure. It's probably spending this much time on the computer. Or watching the occasional MTV show. That's probably it. Too old? I'm going to a Holiday Tea.
3. On the surface, yes. But in my heart of hearts, this will be ok.
4. I like to look exactly my age. Or maybe just a year or two younger.
5. *gulp* 29.