Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Five

Boise, ID this week. I have heard that Boise is a surprisingly hip town. I can't attest to that, as I really didn't do much exploring. I had time, but me being a San Diegan, I didn't bring a coat or fleece. It was a bit cold this week, so I wasn't inclined to go roaming around "downtown". Snowed on Wednesday - about an inch of wet snow. Not much, but just enough for me to realize that I don't miss snow. The one thing I will say is they love their Boise St. Broncos here. I couldn't go 20 feet without seeing a bumper sticker, shirt, logo, etc.

My travel note involves a clueless lady on the leg from Reno to Boise. I was on a Southwest plane, in the exit row. The window seat doesn't have a seat in front of it, so the person sitting there is supposed to put their bag under the seat of the next row. Yeah, it's a little far away, but that's what your supposed to do. She puts her bag under the middle seat.

Fast forward to a little old lady getting on the plane and sitting in the middle seat, trying to figure out where to put her bag. The woman in the window is completely ignoring the plight of the old lady trying to stow her carry-on. Finally, I have to ask the clueless woman to move her bag. Seriously people - have a little common sense.

With Deadliest Catch starting on Tuesday (I love Deadliest Catch), this week will be my favorite "documentary"/reality shows.

  1. Deadliest Catch - Discovery Channel show about crab fishing on the Bering Sea. The guys who make sure I can get king crab are crazy, but I'm glad they do it.
  2. Mythbusters - Adam and Jamie have a very simple set of steps when trying to disprove a myth: 1) Run through the myth as it's written 2) If you don't get the desired results, do whatever it takes to get the desired results 3) the bigger the explosion the better. (And, yes, I have a thing for Kari)
  3. Ice Road Truckers - Watching them drive trucks over lakes frozen solid makes me appreciate where I live. There is a part of me that also wonders what it would be like to live in an area that remote - but not enough to actually move there.
  4. Fight Quest - I don't normally do fighting shows, but watching these guys get pounded on by masters of a particular discipline is very cool. (And the lady instructor in the Krav Maga episode is certifiably insane.)
  5. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - Very simple premise - take some clueless straight guy and show him how to have a little more class. My favorite episode by far was the guy who broke this very nice martini pitcher and started muttering to himself Rain Man style, "This is why you don't buy nice things. This is why you don't buy nice things..." Priceless.

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