Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Five - On Time!

The week:

I happened to be in Houston this week, which gave me front row seats to TS Eduord. Or, at least, it was supposed to. Turned out to be bleacher seats at best. The storm took a slight turn just before making landfall and missed Houston to the north. We still got some rain but that was about it.

It was interesting being in the city as it prepared for the storm. I got a little letter informing me where the safest place to be is (the bathroom) and that there may be limited housekeeping. Many businesses closed, which was nice since the roads were completely empty - nothing like being about to do 70 during would-be rush hour. Of course, that also meant my favorite Mexican place out here (Gringo's - 22oz margarita Patron Silver - that'll improve your mood let me tell you) was closed. The plan for the training center I was at was simply "don't come in if you don't feel safe". Considering it was just drizzling I figured I'd tough it out (I'm a San Diegan remember - I'm not used to moisture coming out of the sky).

I also think a big part of the problem with trying to get people to prepare for such a storm is unpredictability. The storm had tracked right at Houston for about 3 days before taking that last minute turn. As anyone who lives in the Midwest can tell you that the tornado sirens go off on a fairly frequent basis only to be yet another false alarm; I don't know that I've met a single person who takes cover when they hear the sirens go off even though they know they're supposed to. We were told in Houston this week to expect a pretty sizeable storm, only to get strong rain at best. People are conditioned to the weather people being wrong and don't really think about it. Of course, that still doesn't excuse anyone from not having a survival pack with a few days worth of food and water. (Note to Karin - we should put together a survival pack.)

The rest of the week was pretty low key. I did check out some pizza joint (I only had one slice and a salad) that the Bush family apparently loves. Terrible pizza. I'll let you write your own joke.

The exercise:

I managed to get 4 days in (MWRF). I will say that after 5 weeks it's gotten easier, but 3 days in a row still seems to be my limit at the moment. That's gotta change. I also need to find a 10K to run that goes on a Saturday. Most of the ones I've seen are on Sundays, and we all know what I do on Sundays, and I'd like to run one - I just want a goal for myself.

The travel note:

This was from about a month ago and I can't believe I didn't post it. There was a genius who came on with a cooler with a swing top (you know - one that doesn't make a seal at the top) that had ice in it. (I'm going to assume that he got the ice on the other side of security, or the TSA has really gotten lazy.) Anyway, he realizes it doesn't fit into the overhead sitting upright. Easy fix - lay it on its side! Drops a decent amount of water all over the row underneath him and into the overhead. Fortunately I was on the other side of the plane. The people who got dumped on were much more forgiving about it than I would have been.

The five:

Since today is apparently the start of the Olympics, I figured I'd do a five on miscellaneous sports thoughts:

  1. I'm not that into the Olympics. I'll watch the events in passing since they'll be on, but that will be about it. I blame the fall of the Soviet Union. When it was us against them it was interesting. Now it's just kind of meh.
  2. I loathe the DH. It's not that the pitcher doesn't have to bat, it's that the DH doesn't have to field, which gives someone with the physique of David Ortiz a job. It also takes any strategy out of the game.
  3. I can't stand instant replay. All that instant replay does is add another layer of subjectiveness (new word) into a game full of it. What I really hate is when the referee blows the call on the field, goes under the hood, and blows it again.
  4. I love being on Pacific time for sporting events. With all apologies to the rest of the country, the schedules are written for us. Sundays during football season are particularly delightful, with the last game being over by 8p. Gives you a chance to get something done after a full day of NFL debauchery.
  5. I think I prefer being at home to watch football games. Granted, there is something about being there, but my chair is much more comfortable and the beer is cheaper at home. Add to that the fact that if we're getting blown out I don't feel bad at all about turning off the game. (You don't leave a stadium early.)

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