Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello, World

Hey – look at that. I have a blog! Who knew?

I apologize to my reader[s] for not posting recently. Every now and then life just gets very busy, and the way I usually react to that is by disconnecting from everything. About the only thing I’ve been keeping up to date with is Facebook and Twitter, and even that’s been sporadic at best.

The problem is when I start putting things off (like blog postings and Yelp updates) it becomes like being behind at work – it becomes like another job. So I need to get back into gear and stay current once again.

For those of you who expressed concern, thanks – it means a lot to me.

And for everyone – I will have a Friday Five this week if it kills me, with a recap of the last 3 weeks. It should be fun!

Thanks for reading – I think my favorite words to hear are, “Hey – I read your blog.” (Well, that and “Wheels down at McCarran International” are amazingly cool as well.)

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