Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Five

The Excuse

None needed! W00t!

The Week

Back in Houston again this week. Because of scheduling conflicts I wasn’t able to see any friends, so it was just me and work.

I did, however, get selected by Yelp as an Elite member. Basically that means that they think my reviews are cool, and as such I get a cool little icon next to my name and a couple other little perks. Check out my profile page here (or you can click on Yelp up above).

The Exercise

I had good intentions…..

The Restaurant

I normally use this spot to highlight I restaurant I really enjoy. This was a story that I just had to post here.

I may have mentioned the place before (I’m too lazy to look right now), but one of my normal stops in Houston is Landry’s. Good seafood, fun atmosphere, good bartender, and decent prices.

I had intended to drive down to 713, but there was a huge storm and traffic was just stopped on Westheimer (one of the main drags in Houston). Because this was closer to where I was I stopped here instead.

I sat down, ordered my drink, and shortly there after one of the other bar patrons points out a possum that’s climbed down one of the wires into the bar area. And not a baby possum.

Everyone at the bar seemed to be very jovial about the whole thing, figuring it was chased in by the storm. Someone even went on to order food.

That proved to me that I’m not built to be a southerner. I finished my drink and took off. I have no idea how long that possum had been in the building, how many kids it had, or anything else. And I’m not going back.

The Travel Note

I don’t mind too much the fact that during certain busy times places will wind up jacking up their prices. I’m really just fine with it for the most part. Supply and demand after all. But at least a couple times this year I’ve had to visit places where I’m paying $60/day+ just for the rental car. $60+! Seriously, for $60 it should have its own functioning Starbucks.

The Friday Five

Great ways to spend a weekend day

  1. Football. This goes without saying, but the best way to spend a Sunday is with football on the television all day long.
  2. The Nascar/golf nap. You grab a frosty beverage of your choosing (adult if you prefer), settle into your couch or recliner, and flip on the Nascar race of the golf tournament. And as you watch it in the background you slip in and out of consciousness for the next 3-4 hours.
  3. Margarita Saturday. This got started when Abram and I were driving around town one day and realized we wanted margaritas. That then turned into inviting a few friends over, and eventually became known as a Margarita Saturday. We don’t do it that often, but every now and then we gather friends and head out for margaritas.
  4. Tinkering with something technical. As I’ve mentioned before I always have some geek project around the house that needs to be done. I don’t get a lot of time to work on things, but I always enjoy when I do.
  5. Relaxing with Karin. Yeah, I know, awwww. But since I only get to see her a couple days each week, sometimes it’s just nice to relax with her and avoid the rest of the world.


~B said...

OMG on the possum story! I'll have to tell you the one about the possum family that we had living above us in Brazil...they were fine neighbors until they decided to use our living room ceiling as a bathroom.... Yeah. The story just gets better from there. I'll tell you over drinks...cause that makes it even better.

jersey said...

@B - Will we be anywhere soon where we could tell the story over a drink?

~B said...

Ha! Yes!