Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why the Hype?

I got bored today and decided to start poking around at a few stats. Found something very interesting. Here’s a handful of QB’s and their statistics:

Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD Int Rating
QB 1 341 536 63.6 4,038 28 13 93.8
QB 2 321 476 67.4 3,653 19 7 97.4
QB 3 343 522 65.7 3,472 22 22 81.0
QB 4 343 613 56.0 3,885 18 18 72.7
QB 5 372 607 61.3 3,881 20 29 70.9

Any guesses as to who’s who?

QB 1 is Aaron Rogers, the QB who replaced Favre in Green Bay.

QB 2 is Chad Pennington, the QB who Favre replaced on the Jets.

QB 3, 4, and 5 is Brett Favre’s 2008, 2006 and 2005 seasons respectively. In those three seasons, Favre has not finished the season throwing more TD’s than interceptions or finished higher than 20th in league passer rating.

The one season I left out of the last four for Favre was 2007, when he was one of the best QB’s in the league. I believe the word for that is “fluke”.

The simple fact of the matter is that Brett Favre is no longer an effective QB’s. The Vikings are better off with Rosenfels, someone they can work with and groom, than taking their chances on a QB who at best will be there for one season.


Brian said...

Not sure how I feel about this...I think the intangables is what those numbers cannot account for. If the Vikings are to be a legit contender this year, it will be becuase of the ground attack and the defense - not the QB. If Favre only thows 20 passes a game and is counted on to run a couple of two-minute drills, he is a great fit. But then again Sage should be able to handle those expectations.

In the end will Favre swallow his pride and buy into a coach that will want to control him, or will Childress swallow his pride and let a player dictate what happens between the end lines?

What fodder for the talk radio duds!

Abe said...

I will just take this opportunity to mention that Favre's fluke 2007 season was ended by the New York Giants in Green Bay in January. Just before the BBWC beat the Patriots. Anyone know what number follows 18?