Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Give

I’m going to go slightly off track here with my charity, as this month I’m not going to highlight a charity as I am a way to donate.

As time has gone on, one thing that I’ve realized is I, and frankly most everyone I know, has really everything they might need. While receiving a present at holiday time may still be nice, in the end it doesn’t necessarily offer the recipient much beyond the feeling of receiving a gift and knowing one is loved.

One popular alternative is to donate to a charity in one’s name. A noble gesture to be sure, but depending on who the donation is being made in honor of it can be challenging to figure out what charity would best fit that person. This is where Just Give comes in.

Just Give is essentially a gift card, only for charities. Done completely online, when you purchase your gift card it sends an email to the recipient with a code to use for the donation. There are 1.5 million charities affiliated with Just Give; you’re nearly guaranteed to find one you’d like to donate to.

The site is available at

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