Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Five for Fighting

Peter King probably does just fine on his own when it comes to exposure, but for those of you who don’t know him he’s a column writer for Sports Illustrated. This month I want to focus on a drive he started for Sgt. Mike McGuire.

Peter met Sgt. McGuire at a Cardinals game in 2005. Both men were there alone, sitting next to each other and happened to strike up a conversation. Half way through the game neither one of them was paying attention as Peter was riveted by everything Sgt. McGuire was telling him. Sgt. McGuire is a battalion leader for 100+ troops who specialize in IED removal (think The Hurt Locker).

Sgt. McGuire and his men are being deployed to a remote region of Afghanistan and will not have access to a large base. Large bases mean creature comforts such as televisions, gaming systems and even little things such as snacks. Small, temporary bases generally have none of those. This is where the USO steps in, providing these reminders of home. Of course, the USO needs money to provide those.

With the help of Five for Fighting singer John Ondrasik and the USO, Peter has launched the Five for Fighting drive. The premise is simple – donate $5 towards kits for Sgt. McGuire’s men and other battalions. Over the first couple of weeks enough money has been raised for Sgt. McGuire’s battalion, but a handful of others. There’s more to be done.

This is not about politics, nor is about what one feels about the war. It’s all about the troops – the brave men and women who are out their fighting and putting their lives at risk.

So, if the spirit moves, you can donate $5 here.

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