Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday Five

The Excuse

OK – So I’m a little late here. But I’ve been travelling for pleasure the past few days, and I really don’t like breaking out my laptop unless it’s to watch a DVD.

The Week

IMG_2754 This past week was huge for me. First up, we had our Somethingth Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner. And as a most amazing birthday present, Karin flew Abram out as a surprise. I had no idea what was coming, although everyone around me knew. What’s most amazing, is Karin managed to keep it from me. Usually when she has a good surprise for me she nearly bursts at the seams trying to keep it in, but this time it was not a problem.

In any event, the dinner was fantastic. Great people, and the food turned out very well, if I do say so myself – although Abram did as much, if not more, work than I did. And as always, it couldn’t be done without the help of everyone – Karin, Liam, Abram, Brent, Ron, Tricia, Marie, and everyone else who pitched in at some point that night. Because of the company that we had there, the bulk of us were up until 6a having a grand old time.

IMG_2811 Then it was off to the East Coast. We were in some small town in Pennsylvania this time. And as you can see by the couple of shots, it was certainly a small town. It’s always good to see family for the holidays, and this year was no exception.

As is tradition, the Thanksgiving dinner was followed by a couple nights in NYC. We saw a terrible play called Dust on Friday night, and a IMG_2862slightly less terrible play named Perfect Crime the second night. That’s the chance you take seeing something off the beaten path.

However, we did eat very well, enjoying a nice Cuban dinner and a trip to a Churrascaria (which was just out of this world good). And during the day on Saturday Karin and I roamed around NYC seeing how it dressed up for Christmas. Some year I’d love to see it a little later in December, but the weekend after Thanksgiving always works.

The Five

Apropos of nothing.

  1. I’m totally hooked again on The West Wing. If you’ve never seen this show, you owe it to yourself to pick up a couple episodes on iTunes and check it out.
  2. There’s a part of me that’s contented with the Chargers all but officially being eliminated from playoff contention. It frees up my Sundays when I’m travelling – I don’t have to rush off to a sports bar to watch the game after landing.
  3. The problem with the Chargers’ season basically being over is that it leaves me without someone to cheer for. The Pads won’t start up until April, and March Madness isn’t until, well, March. It’s hard to watch hockey with the NHL being on Versus (which no hotels actually carry). Maybe I just need to get more into college basketball?
  4. I’m very much looking forward to the college bowl games. I will watch every one that I can. Nothing like watching two “directional schools” face off in the Bowl.
  5. And unfortunately, it’s late and I can’t come up with a fifth.

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