Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Sarah posted a few pics of a recent trip to Duluth that she took. It got me thinking of the trip back that Karin and I took a couple years ago, and got me reminiscing (as I’m prone to do.)

It’s crazy to think that it was 16 years ago that I landed there, a mouthy little 19 year old with a funky accent. (Granted, I’m now a mouth 36 year old with small traces of an accent, but that’s still some progress.)

IMG_1145 It’s great thinking back to our first apartment. Most married couples tell some story about some little dinky place that they had to squeeze in to. We found a rent controlled place with a huge living room and a great view. The  bedroom was just big enough to fit the king bed in it (by just big enough, I mean we slid it into this IMG_1148notch in the room where the walls butted up against each side of the bed). When we visited, I couldn’t do justice to the view as I couldn’t quite get high enough, but suffice it to say, it was fantastic looking over the lake and the Lift Bridge.

We also snuck up to Thunder Bay during this trip. Thunder IMG_1141Bay was our getaway place when ever we needed to escape Duluth (or The Cities) for that matter. The drive up is just gorgeous, and if you ever have the chance you need to take it. Some day I’d love to take the Miata out there and run it up the coast. Maybe some fall.


By far what blows me away the most is how young we look. I mean, yeah, we were babies, but still. That’s Karin at Niagara Falls during our honeymoon. (Look at how long her hair is…)

The other one is me at Kakabeka Falls in the Thunder Bay Area. I miss that Pinky and the Brain shirt.


And here we are today:


Christopher Harrison 2

Crazy. Just crazy.

Thanks for indulging me for a few minutes.

I’m done now.

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Sarah said...

Oh Duluth. We went to a wedding of 20 yr olds last month -- all I could think was, "Were our parents CRAZY letting us get married so young?"
That's a great picture of Karin, btw.