Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday Five

The Excuse

It’s still before midnight out here….

The Week

I was at home again this week. Two weeks in a row. Not totally unheard of, but still a pleasant surprise.

The week was mostly spent with me at home, trying to get some work done. It was also a good chance to get caught up with some friends I hadn’t spent time with recently, which is always a blessing.

My laptop took yet another dive this week. I will put together a full posting, but the short short version is don’t buy a Dell laptop.

The Restaurant

Not really a restaurant, but a great sandwich place. It’s a little hole in the wall called Sandwich Afare. It’s on the back side of a business park in the Miramar area. It’s run by an Eastern European friendly curmudgeon who will give you static, but make a great sandwich and do it all with a smile.

The Exercise

Yeah, I suppose I should.

The Five

Things I’m kind of afraid to let the world know about.

  1. I’m addicted to Charmed. Yeah, it’s an empty show, but I watch it every time it’s on.
  2. I drink the water out of a can of tuna. When I go to drain it I just drink it out of the can. No, I have no idea where this habit started.
  3. I do pick my nose in the car from time to time. But really – who doesn’t?
  4. I sleep with a stuffed cow. It’s something Karin gave to me of hers when we first started dating. When I’m on the road it gives me a connection back to home.
  5. The skill I lack the most is budgeting. Yet another great reason to be married to Karin.

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