Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Five

The Week

Look at me getting a Friday Five done on time. Miracles never cease.

In any event, as I teased last week this past weekend was a big one – my baby brother graduated from law school. That sentence is both very natural and very strange to me. (Warning – you’re going to have to indulge me for a paragraph.)

IMG_7469 It’s strange only because it doesn’t seem that long ago that he was graduating high school. It’s natural because Abram’s always been the smart kid in the family, probably the smartest person I know. He took a circuitous route through his undergrad, but has been focused ever since, taking the year off he needed, attending one year in San Diego and transferring to American. While there he did basically everything he wanted to. He’s wanted to be a lawyer/politician since I can remember (well, outside of a phase where he wanted to be a robot), and now he’s one step closer. I couldn’t be prouder of him. (Pics here if you’re interested.)

Abram – Congratulations.

(Indulgence over)

Unfortunately, because of the nature of my job and life, I had to fly out literally right after his ceremony to San Jose. About the only good part there is I know the way.[1] This week I was able to have dinner with some good friends while up here, which is preferable to not having human contact outside of the classroom. Of course the downside to visiting San Jose is, as always, the fact that it’s San Jose.

A small editor’s note here – there’s about a 90% chance I will not be able to put together a Friday Five next Friday.

The Travel Note

Finally had a chance to ride the Acela from NYC to DC this past Friday. It’s a nice ride, and allegedly has free wifi. The reason I say allegedly is because it was only up about 50% of the time – and even that’s being generous.

The Restaurant

This I’m highlighting a place that isn’t a restaurant – Iowa Meat Farms. They are a butcher in the classic sense of the word. The quality of meat they sell tops most anything you’ll find in any restaurant. They don’t sell anything outside of choice and prime cuts of meat, and they offer dry aged steaks as well. Dinner is as easy as stopping here, finding a couple good steaks and heading home and grilling…

The Five

Because I wasn’t feeling imaginative, I went to The Friday Five again to find questions to inspire me. This week was about grilling:

  1. What side dish do you like the most?
    Very easy – my father’s macaroni salad. He may add crack to it, I’m not sure, but it’s unlike any that I’ve had anywhere else.
  2. Do you prefer charcoal or gas?
    I prefer the taste of charcoal, but gas wins simply because of the ease of cleanup.
  3. Do you want just one meat item or a mixture?
    Depends, but if I’m grilling at my house it has to be a steak from Iowa Meats. Preferably a prime aged rib eye.
  4. Do you want to eat outside or inside?
    As much as I enjoy eating outside, we don’t have the yard to do it in.
  5. Does it bother you to have citronella candles burning?
    Citronella candles? We live in San Diego. We don’t have mosquitoes.

[1] Again, Brenda – You’re welcome.

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~B said...

Do you know the way...?I think this must be part of your master plan to ensure my permanent readership...well, it's working!!
Did you pick that Friday Five list just so you could stick it to those of us in the mosquito infested great north?? Ha!! Good one --hold on while I stop to scratch my ankles...