Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Five

Before I get into the normal nonsense, I wanted to mention a great little show Karin and I went to with a few co-workers last night. Jonathan Coulton happened to play a cool little bar in Houston called the Mucky Duck, with the opening band being Paul and Storm. Jonathan sings a great little song named Code Monkey, which of course I love. All three are very talented, incredibly funny, and admitted geeks. We laughed, we cried, we sang along, we clapped in rhythm (well, as best as a room full of white geeks can have rhythm.) A great time was certainly had by all.

(Short PSA - go see live entertainment. Comedians and bands are meant to be seen live, not just listened to on an iPod.)

With that, here's my 5 things.... I struggled a little bit coming up with something, so after a quick search on the internets I found a list of 5 questions at Five on Friday. I didn't choose the most recent one (wasn't overly interesting to me), but I did grab this one:
  1. Have you ever been pulled over? How many times?
    Let's see if I can remember them all:
    Wrong way on a one way - verbal warning
    Speeding in Minnesota twice - one ticket, one warning
    Speeding in Vermont - ticket
    Rolling stop - ticket
    Pulled over once in Vermont by the Border Patrol (I'll tell that story later)
  2. What are you most likely to be pulled over for? (Speeding? Reckless driving? Expired tags/inspection? Bad signal/headlight?)
    Right now - expired tags. Still need to get my car registered in the state of Texas.
  3. You're driving along on your merry way when you see a police car. What is your first thought?
    Double check speed, and hope he doesn't pull me over for expired tags.
  4. When you see a cop car, do you hit your brakes or keep your foot on the gas?
    Ease foot off the gas.
  5. What's your personal speed limit? How do you determine what it is for any given road?
    Like my father taught me - always keep someone passing you.

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Sarah said...

Re: PSA. I saw Doc's Allstars last night. Does that count?