Monday, September 10, 2007

NFL Thoughts

For anyone who might be interested, here are the things that ran through my mind on Sunday.

  • I found a new commercial to be sick of - the Radio Shack commercial where the guy chases off the sheep. It's almost as bad as the This is Our Country commercials. Almost.
  • Keyshawn Johnson is an idiot. ESPN apparently has a quota of big mouth ignorant WR's they have to employ on the set of Countdown. I guess Keyshawn is taking Michael Irvin's place.
  • Will someone please tell me, to the nearest pound, how much ecstasy must I do to understand that Peyton Manning's mind commercial?
  • Retraining my brain for games at 12 and 3 rather than 10 and 1 will take some time.
  • 14-3. 1-0. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win by the Chargers. This season may be the death of me yet.
  • Reason #206 why I hate instant replay: If you're going to make plays reviewable, make them all reviewable. There was a blatant offsides that was missed during the Chargers game. Not subject to review. It's not a judgement call - it should be subject to review. Bad system.
  • Randy Moss had a good Week 1. Good for him. Talk to me come Week 6 when he's given up on the season because he's whining.
  • The Chargers didn't win pretty, but it was a win. The New England game looks like it will be a tough one.

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