Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Five

Another week, another trip to Houston. This week I mostly sat on my thumbs due to a scheduling issue, but it was a nice break - even if I wasn't at home. The part that does stink is being back in an area that doesn't drink good beer. Being in Denver, which is a microbrew mecca (though not as good as San Diego), and finding 5 Seasons in Atlanta, being stuck with Shiner Bock as the best available beer is disappointing to say the least.

My airport adventure was at security in San Diego this week. My external hard drive caused issues for the X-ray guys which got me pulled over for special treatment. After clearing that, I was walking away and I hear "SIR! SIR!" Figuring I forgot something I stop, and...

Crazy lady: "That's my bag!" (at the top of her lungs in the middle of the food court)
Me (after double checking to make sure I haven't lost my mind): "Ummm, no."
Crazy lady: "Yes - that's my bag!!!" becoming more incredulous
Me: "Ummm, no."

At this point I bend down to pull something out of my computer bag with my name on it, when she finally realizes it isn't hears. Very meekly:

Crazy lady: "Oh, that's not my bag. I didn't see mine come out of the X-ray machine and I thought that was mine."

Then she walks away. Would have been nice if she would have devoted as much energy to apologizing as she did creating a scene.

As for me - I walked over to get my breakfast pizza.

The five this week is by request. I had to think for quite a while on this, and while I took a couple of small liberties, knowing the person who asked for the list I think I'm OK. The list is the 5 things smaller than my fist that I can't live without. I spent most of the week pondering it, making a fist and comparing different things to it. Here's what I've come up with.

  1. My heart. It's smaller than my fist, and by definition I can't live without it.
  2. My cell phone. It's a Cingular 8525, a combo phone and PDA. It's got my contacts and calendar, and I'd have no idea where I was going without it.
  3. My Zune. I have a good number of videos on it making it the best boredom reliever I can think of.
  4. My webcam. With me traveling so often, it's nice to be able to see my wife and dog during the week.
  5. My memories with friends and family. I know this is a bit bigger than my fist, but they're in my brain, and the typical brain is the size of both of your fists. I don't know how to quantify the size of my memories, but it is the thing that's most important to me. And it's the little things:
    "Grow nuts"
    Learning the proper way to drink a Heineken and peppermint Schnapps
    Karin's hug
    A certain someone dropping a perfect pass
    My father's best joke
    "All riight"
    And I could go on and on. Each one of these, and many, many more, may mean nothing to you, but they mean the world to me. Every person that has come into my life has had an impact on it, and I treasure the memories, laughs, and tears I share with each one of them.


Anonymous said...

Well, this anonymous friend cried when you mentioned the schnapps...


Best One yet, Christopher.. Best one yet.

Brian said...

Yes, that six yard down and out would have been a thing of beauty...

MADCookie said...

I've noticed it is really hard for people to say "I'm sorry". Can't we all just take responsibility for when we make a mistake?

jersey said...


It's one of many reasons I had to stop listing after just a few. I didn't want to lose it in an aiport bar.


It's the principal of the matter.


And I realize it for what it is - an honest mistake. I just wish she would have apologized.