Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Five

Another week down and another trip to Houston. What was nice, though, was that I did a side-trip to Vegas this weekend with my brother, his gf and a few of his friends. Was a great time as always.

What really rocked was our trip to see Penn & Teller. For those of you not familiar with the duo, they do a magic/comedy/pranks show. They "reveal" some of their tricks, and occasionally just mess with an audience member's head.

During one trick, they passed out a couple of joke books around the office, asking members to pass them to keep handing them around until Penn said "stop". When he did, the book was in the hands of my brother's gf. She was too nervous to actually participate, so she gave it to my brother. My brother was charged with finding a joke, and Penn guessed what the joke was.

On a less exciting note, they did their version of the "cups and balls", which is one of my favorites.

My travel note of the week has to do with my rental car. After being checked in, I walked out to the spot my car was in only to see someone already in it. Turned out we happened to both get the same car. We walked back to the building, they asked who wanted to keep the car, and I decided to just let the other guy drive off with it. They booked me in a new one, and the lady decided to give me a "upgrade" for being flexible.

The upgrade? A stinkin Kia Sportage. Thanks! (ugh)

As for the five, I have a friend turning 30 shortly, and a few friends turning 40 in the next couple of years. So here's the answer to the suggestion by anonymous - 5 things I'd like to do before I'm 40. Keep in mind I have less than 5 years left, so I need to keep them pretty straight forward.

  1. Skydive. It's something I've wanted to do since I can remember, and there's no reason I can't pull that off before I turn 40.
  2. Get off this continent. I so want to see both the Orient and Ireland. Heaven knows I'll have enough miles soon enough.
  3. Get a second tattoo. I have a concept of the design, I just need to get it worked out. Might be a good way to "ring in my 40's".
  4. Go to a NASCAR race. Yes, I'm a closet NASCAR fan.
  5. Play a World Series of Poker event. It doesn't have to be the Main Event - one of the smaller ones at the beginning would be just fine.


JoeBob said...

#1 - you are crazy... go have a beer instead

#2 - The world is amazing... throw a dart at a map, and go there...

#3 - No comment

#4 - Bristol or Daytona... anything else is a let down... come to Daytona.. we'll go.

#5 - You would so totally win.

#6 - Don't put a time limit on life.. Enjoy, relax, eat a twinkie, have a beer... the right things will come into your life when the time if right....

jersey said...

A trip to Daytona would be awesome. I am going to look into it.

Michelle said...

I can help you with #1 and #3. I took Martha for her first skydive (shut up).

As for #3, I need to finish up the one on my back and get one to commemorate Ryley. We could do that after skydiving.

I'd like to get in on #2.