Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Five

Strange being home during the week. But a good strange. It's always nice to be able to reconnect with friends and family, relax, and not have to worry about reminding myself what city I'm in.

Karin and I did dinner with a couple friend of ours the other night, and we got to talking about the blog and Five ideas. Ron suggested a list of my five favorite restaurants. Later in the week, there was discussion as to wether that was going to be just San Diego or all over. For this week I'm going to start with just San Diego and expand it in a future week.

The one note I would add is that these are in the order they popped into my brain.

  1. Urban Solace - This is a fairly recent discovery on our part. It's a very small restaurant with very good food, great wine, and affordable prices. They also do a brunch where they have a live blue grass band.
  2. The Linkery - They not only do their own sausages in house, they feature food that is from small, usually local, farms. Because their menu is dependent on what's available on a given week, it changes very frequently, so each visit is a new experience.
  3. Parkhouse Eatery - An old favorite of Karin and I. We go there for dinner on a fairly sporadic basis, but we go for breakfast quite often (it's my favorite breakfast spot - nothing better than eating breakfast outside, especially on a January morning).
  4. The Mission - Strictly a breakfast/lunch joint, this place features some of the best pancakes you will ever have. They also do a great roast beef hash. This is Karin's favorite breakfast spot.
  5. San Diego Brewing - They do great in-house beers, feature a very large selection beyond that, and do very good bar food. Their pulled pork sandwich (with cheddar and coleslaw) is not only a great way to plug your arteries, it's delicious.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous is hungry!!!!.... Anon misses those wonderful mornings in San Diego, sitting outside, enjoying paradise.....

next time, I buy.