Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday Five

The Excuse

As I’ve mentioned before, if I’m home I just don’t get a good chance to sit down and peck one out.

The Week

I was home this week. No really – home. And working.

Trust me – nobody was more confused by this than me.

Any week spent at home is a week spent trying to catch up with friends. I was fairly successful in this endeavor, but it’s near impossible to try and see everyone I’d like to and still relax and spend time with Karin. I also did get a chance to cook a couple of times at home, which is always a treat.[1] The one disappointment I had was I didn’t get much of a chance to play Rock Band.

IMG_5195 By far the highlight of the week was getting to see the opening preseason game for the Chargers. Donna scored us tickets, and Sheri, Richard and I took in the game. Was great to see football[2] again. I can’t wait for September. You can check out the rest of the pictures here.

The Restaurant

While not authentic, I’m completely addicted to Baja Betty’s. It’s a Mexican-ish restaurant in Hillcrest that features above average food, huge portions, and a 42 ounce margarita that comes complete with a rubber ducky (it’s essentially a tub of margarita). If you go the highlight of the menu is the chicken tortilla soup, although the burritos they do are great as well. What’s particularly nice about he burritos is they’re all build your own and they don’t limit you on the number of fillings.

The Exercise

At some point….

The Travel Note

I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that San Diego is now supporting paperless boarding passes. As I’ve blogged before, these are more convenient and more secure than paper tickets.

The Five

I don’t think I’m OCD, but there are more than a handful of small things that I’m very particular about.

  1. My dry erase markers are specifically Expo 2 Low Odor. The normal ones give me a splitting headache by about 11a. And trust me, none of the off brands are any good.
  2. I use two highlighters when I’m reading any tech book that has code – yellow for the text and some other color for the code.
  3. Jeans have to be Levi’s. It’s not because I’m big on fashion. I guess I’m more susceptible to advertising than I think.
  4. White Castle slyders need to be plain – bun, burger, onions, pickles.
  5. Mustard is the first thing to go on any hot dog, regardless of what additional ingredients may be placed on the dog.

[1] I know it’s weird that I look forward to cooking at home, but I really enjoy it.
[2] Well, preseason football anyway.


~B said...

I'm with you on the cooking at home thing. There is nothing better, except maybe a good MLT, mutton, lettuce and tomato when the mutton is nice and crispy...but were not talking about that here...
I am slowly training my friends into meeting at someones house, rather than going out. After a week of eating out, it is so nice to eat at home. Alright, they are shutting the door

jersey said...

Love the comment from the plane. ;-)

~B said...

I had to go back and read it to make sure I didn't sound drunk...I may have sounded drunk, but I wasn't. It was 7 am and I had been up since 5 with no caffeine. Which almost amounts to drunk. And I was afraid of being yelled at for not turning my phone off...
Hi Chris!

jersey said...

Hi Brenda!