Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Five

The Week

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but once again I found myself going to Boston Burlington, MA. While I wasn’t able to get down to the city, I was still able to enjoy myself.

The highlight of the week was probably getting a chance to hook up with a friend of mine for dinner; always nice to see another human outside of a work environment during the week. I was also reminded how much I love the feel of New England, especially the Boston area.[1] Of all the parts of the country I’ve been to, New England has held on to their historical feel more than any other. In fact, my running path this week was through a national park that featured some of Paul Revere’s famous ride. On a side note, this was the first time in, well, I think forever, that I was able to get in all three weekday runs outdoors and without the need for cold weather running gear.

The Restaurant

This is from the “where has this restaurant been?” department. About 3 exits away from my hotel sits this converted house that now houses a Chinese restaurant named Shichuan Garden. There’s a dive bar area (where I of course sat), and a main dining room. The food was wonderful – the double cooked fresh bacon[2] with spicy capsicum was outstanding, and the pork dumplings were very good.

But by far what stole the show were the cocktails. Yes, this place features a couple of bartenders that really know how to ply their craft. I started out with a cross between a manhattan and a sazerac[3], which was basically bourbon, Peychaud’s bitters, sweet vermouth and an absinthe wash. Very nice. I was going to switch to a beer after that as the entrée was rather spicy, but the bartender, Ran[4], said he could come up with a cocktail that would work perfectly – and he was right.

My only regret was that I discovered this place the last night I was in town. Next trip I plan on visiting much earlier in the week; and taking a cab so I can enjoy more than two drinks.

The Travel Note

I recently picked up a self massage stick to help with my sore legs after running. I was hoping to be able to bring it with me on trips, but I found out that TSA has a habit of confiscating them, as they think it could be used as a club. The eternally-13-years-old part of me loves the sentence: The TSA thinks my self massaging stick could be used as a club.

The Five

I don’t know what got me thinking about this, but I was recently kicking around a couple of things in my head that I’m prouder of than I probably should be. With that, here’s 5 things I’m prouder of than I really should be.

  1. Being Yelp Elite. Every year I get very nervous about being selected, and am overjoyed when it happens.
  2. I was part of the first mock trial team in the history of my high school to ever win a case in competition. I was also the first attorney they picked to do both two cross examinations and the closing argument, as they thought I could think quick on my feet.[5]
  3. I was third in the Pinewood Derby.
  4. I graduated 7th out of 233 kids from high school. I also had a perfect math score on my ACTs.
  5. Hitting elite level on any travel rewards program. It’s nice because I love the perks. The problem, of course, is that whole not being home thing.

[1] Sorry, Mom. I’m not moving back to the area.
[2] I ran 5 miles before dinner. I’m allowed, right?
[3] Two of my favorite cocktails if you’re new here.
[4] That’s his name
[5] They also forced me to keep one hand in my pocket and hold a portfolio in the other so I’d stop talking so much with my hands.

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