Thursday, October 18, 2007

3-3 and Looking Up

I believe it was Bill Parcells who used to split the season up into 4 mini-seasons. His thought was to chop the season up into more manageable chunks, and to give yourself good points to reflect, see where you are, and implement any necessary changes. I tend to agree with this thinking, but the bye weeks certainly provide a certain marker of their own.

The Chargers are currently 3-3, and winners of their last two as they enter their. They are tied for first in the slumping AL West, however they're essentially a half game behind since the Chiefs did beat them in their first match-up. Considering how terrible they looked during their 3 straight losses, and how sharp they've looked during their last two wins, the Chargers have managed to build some pretty good momentum. The defense is starting to turn the corner, only giving up 10 points in their last 2 games (the other TD by Oakland was an interception return). Their offense has finally found itself, and Norv has realized that number 21 guy they have is pretty good.

I was feeling pretty good about the Chargers until Tuesday. Now I'm jazzed. On that Tuesday the Chargers traded a second round pick for 2008 to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for Chris Chambers. I don't think the impact of this trade can be overstated.

Without a doubt the two biggest holes in the Chargers is their secondary and their receiving corps. In the past, the Chargers were able to cover the first with a good pass rush, and the second by at least having serviceable receivers. Unfortunately, with Eric Parker injuring his right big toe to the point he wound up on the IR, and Keenan McCardell being released, our only two serviceable receivers were unavailable.

Enter Chris Chambers, a former Pro-Bowler who has played under Norv and is familiar with the offense. This threat will open things up for Gates, Tomlinson, and make life easier for the offensive line since defenses must now respect both the pass and the run.

We've got momentum. We've got a week to heal up. We're tied for the division lead. And our offense is notably better. And the fact that I have Chambers on my fantasy team only makes this even sweeter.

Color me a happy Chargers fan.


Brennan said...

Let me bring cold water to the fire. Their three losses already dooms them.

Okay, so making the playoffs is a huge goal and and would be a great accomplishment, but many from Charger nation thought a title was within reach this year.

Most likely, they've blown that chance. Unless Indi or New England crash hard, any trip is going to have to go through both of those places. Winning one of those games might be possible - but winning two road games in a row? No chance.

Looking up? Yes, very much so. Towards a championship? Hopefully an AFC West title will do this year.

jersey said...

The great thing about the playoffs is if you win you move on. The Chargers are certainly capable of going on the road and winning twice.