Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Five

Before I get to the normal nonsense, I wanted to write out a couple of quick updates.

Karin and I, as well as the rest of our family are perfectly safe. Thank you all for your concern. My recent trip, outside of the one frustrating student, was just fine. I do intend to post on my travels, but as of right now I'm feeling a tad lazy. So here's five things about me that are driven by my laziness:

  1. Drinking black coffee. I always used to take cream and sugar, until eventually I got too lazy to put it in my coffee in the morning. So now it's just black.
  2. I often don't tie my shoes. I never do when I'm leaving for work - I can do it when I get there. As for the rest of life, I just simply don't tie them.
  3. I got contacts that I can leave in for a week because I'm too lazy to take them out at night. When I'm ready to sleep I just want to collapse in bed.
  4. I'm so lazy, I only feel like coming up with 3.

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