Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Five

I'm not exactly sure what made me think of this, but this week I will be doing a list of little peeves I have in every day life.

  1. Servers at a nice restaurant who insist on pouring water with the glass still on the table. No matter how neat you are there is always a little splash. The proper way is to take the glass, turn around, fill it, and then present a full glass.
  2. Having someone blow their nose at the table. Sorry, but this just drives me crazy.
  3. Drivers who don't signal when making a turn. I don't care about lane changes, but if you slow down in front of me and don't signal that you're about to make a right you need to be smacked.
  4. People talking during movies and TV shows. I like to be able to concentrate and catch all the little nuances. Plus, I find that people have a bad habit of talking right during a crucial moment.
  5. Bad cell phone etiquette - specifically people who don't turn off their cell phones during class. At least once every 2 weeks a cell phone will go off during class. On top of that, about once a month I will have a student answer their phone and start a conversation during class. How rude can a person be?

Ok - done venting now. ;-)

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