Monday, October 29, 2007

Do we really need this waste?

One of the things my main client in Houston decided to do was pick up the rent on the apartment we were using out here, which certainly does give me more space to spread out in. So I got back to the apartment last night, and there was a phonebook sitting here.

I had to stretch my brain to think of the last time I've used a phonebook. A quick search on the Internet, or mobile Google Maps, and I can pretty much find whatever I want. How many times a month/year do people actually still use phonebooks?

With all this focus on outlawing plastic bags and the like, how about changing phonebook delivery to opt-in? Just a thought.


Sarah said...

And on that green note, at least out here in the stix I'd like to see recycling options at more gas stations, etc.

jersey said...

That's a great idea as well. Having to throw away bottles during road trips is frustrating.