Thursday, February 7, 2008


It feels good to finally have a chance to take a deep breath. These past couple of weeks have been more stressful than normal, in particular because I was presenting at an MCT conference in Seattle this week. Presenting in front of a room full of peers is challenging enough - presenting in front of a room full of professional presenters is down-right terrifying.

But, my preparation paid off, and the event went very well. And now I have a chance to breathe. And start catching up on all the other things I've been meaning to do. I've got a few blog postings in my head that I need to craft, and some other loose ends to tie up.

For instance, I finally managed to put something up on my professional site - Check it out if you're interested.

It also gave me time to get to the dentist - which I hate. Had a clean bill of health. After the cleaning, I rewarded myself with a bottle of Jefferson's Reserve bourbon.

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