Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Five

Another week in Houston down. And as per my usual routine, I'm sitting in a bar in the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport pecking out my five.

No real news to report. Well, there is, but I want to wait a couple of days yet before posting it. I'll explain why later. And, yes, that's a tease to keep bringing you back. ;-)

What was very nice was my flight out on Sunday was later than usual (2:40 to be exact). As a result, we were able to host a brunch at our house. Was a nice way to get to see everyone. And peach-mango-orange juices makes for the best mimosas.

My travel frustration for the week is the person who went through the metal detector just before I did. He sat right at the end of the x-ray machine, so I could barely squeeze my stuff out. He was completely oblivious to the fact that there were people trying to get through, taking his own sweet time putting his stuff back together again. (I would point out that he did have an Apple laptop, and the study showing that Apple users tend to be more self-centered, but I don't want to get someone upset with me.) ;-)

The local Landry's seafood place has done an all-you-can-eat crawfish in the past. The restaurant has become one of my normal stops in a week to Houston. After 2 visits, the bartender knows both my drink (Shiner Bock) and name, the latter half being the more impressive part. So this week's five is inspired by that - 5 things I wish every waiter/waitress knew.

  1. The two most important times to be attentive are at the very beginning and very end. There's nothing worse than sitting at a table waiting to be greeted, except maybe sitting at a table with your meal finished waiting to get the check so you can leave.
  2. When you're refilling drinks, take the glass off the table. There will be some splash or dripping. Best to do that over the floor rather than over the table.
  3. Stroll through your section frequently and keep an eye on glasses. If it's getting even remotely close to there being an empty glass on the table, refill it or offer another.
  4. Don't take away plates without asking first. (This is a nod to someone else who reads the blog.)
  5. Don't bring something from another table with you when you come to visit my table. I don't want to see a pile of half eaten food on plates when you're talking to me.

Now before you get the wrong idea thinking I'm a jerk at restaurants, I'm not. I take very good care of those that take of me having done time myself. I do start at 20%, and move up from there for very good service (or if the waitress is cute).


Sarah said...

I don't know what you're talking about.

~B said...

Yep. The tease is working...I'm still checking back for any breaking news.

Joe "I can't wait anymore..." Snyder said...

I am so over waiting... time to fess up...