Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Packaging gone wild

The cable for my Zune had a piece break off of it recently. No problem, order another. Off to Amazon I go (Amazon Prime - best investment I ever made) and I get my cable today. The cable is at the lower portion of the picture. The rest is the packaging it came in. A little excessive, maybe?


For those of you scoring at home (or even if you're alone) that's one main box, a piece of cardboard with plastic to hold the cable's box in place, a box for the cable, which contained two plastic pieces for display, TWO instruction manuals (there's two sides to the cable, one for the computer, the other for the Zune, and the connectors don't look a thing alike), and a packing slip. Oh, and the cable. (The red thing around the cable is a Velcro tie (everyone who travels should have these for their cables.))

Maybe next time just toss the cable in a padded envelope, throw it in the mail, and call it good?


Sarah said...

And for bonus points, you're staying in a hotel. Hotels don't seem to have recycling. Along with gas stations. McDonald's. Target. You see where this is going.

jersey said...

And on top of that trying to find somewhere that I can recycle the cable becomes an even bigger pain.

Anonymous said...

And... so what is our solution???... personally.. I wouldn't buy such an article if I knew.. but there is NO WAY TO KNOW ahead of time???.. in a way, its indentured waste.