Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Five

I had a week at home this past week.

No really, I was at home.

All week.

Trust me, nobody was more weirded out by the concept than me. Although it was fantastic to have my chair, be able to see friends, and relax a bit. I did have quite a bit of work to get done with TechEd upcoming, but it was still a great week. And I apologize for not blogging much recently - I've been a tad preoccupied.

We also did a "surprise birthday" party for Karin on Wednesday night. Had about 8 good friends and family join. A few of us went over to the neighborhood bar afterwards, so it was just like old times.

I don't have a travel note for the week seeing as how I didn't travel.

My five, as suggested once again by Sarah, is five things that are best about a week at home:

  1. Seeing my friends. By far, this is the hardest part about travel. I feel very disconnected from my life when I'm on the road.
  2. My chair. Just add a remote and an adult beverage and I'm good for many, many hours.
  3. Driving my car. I have a 2006 Mazda Miata. Driving a sporty little convertible is one of the greatest forms of therapy.
  4. Cooking. I love to cook. I got to cook for a couple of friends on Tuesday, which was great.
  5. My bed. We have a soft-sided waterbed that is possibly the most comfortable thing in the world. Much better than a hotel bed.

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