Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Five

Brace yourself - I was in Houston this week. No, really - Houston. I was as surprised as anyone.

Although, I did learn this week that no matter how many times you come to a city you can always find new things. I found out that right around the corner from the training facility I usually work at is a great little family owned Iranian place. Food was outstanding.

My travel note was at the hotel bar, striking up a conversation with a guy that lives about 20 blocks from my house. <Insert chorus of "It's a Small World" here>

This week's five is a collection of questions I found online about food:

  1. What type of food do you most like to eat?
    So many options. Sushi. Seafood. Cajun/Creole. Italian. Indian. Eclectic. Something that takes chances. Really, anything well prepared with a lot of flavor.
  2. What type of food do you most like to cook?
    Creole/Cajun. "In a past life" I was born and raised in Louisiana.
  3. What ingredient could you not live without?
    Mushrooms. I love cooking with mushrooms. They just absorb every flavor.
  4. What do you never let in your kitchen?
    Other people when I'm cooking.
  5. What is your favorite drink?
    Cocktail: Manhattan
    Beer: Alpine Pure Hoppiness
    Non-alcoholic: Henry Weinhard's Root Beer

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