Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And down the stretch we come

4 days left. Actually, not even. 3.5 days left. 3.5 days left of last minute packing, stressing, saying goodbye to good friends and family, and trying to stay sane. (And staying sane for me during a normal week is tough enough - you can't imagine what I'm going through now.)

I've been getting asked a lot what the current plan is, so here it is.

We depart on Friday afternoon with just enough stuff to survive in Houston. Karin has plotted out hotels that accept dogs between here and there (her first concern is, of course, Roscoe.) We hope to land on Sunday so I can start up the new job on Monday.

My new job is the exact same thing that I'm currently doing. Karin hasn't begun to look, but I can say with 100% certainty that it will not be what she's currently doing.

We've got a 3 month lease out there, and we're going to use the time to figure out where a more permanent spot for us is going to be. A friend of ours has generously agreed to house-sit for us while we are gone, and keep the place tidy. Hopefully our place will sell shortly; our real estate agent has been busting her tail on it trying to get it sold.

So between now and then, it's just as I mentioned above - packing, stressing, saying goodbye to good friends and family, ...

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Kristine said...

I can tell you exactly where NOT to stay in New Mexico :) How far are you going the first night?