Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday Five

Well, Friday came and went and I completely spaced putting this posting up. So, a day late, here are the Friday Five. Since we've got a huge trip coming up next week, I figured 5 things about travel would be appropriate.

  1. I love road trips. I love the freedom. I love the scenery. I love stopping at rest areas, gas stations and the like in the middle of nowhere. I love just being in my own personal cocoon on wheels.
  2. I've never been off of this continent. Karin, before our honeymoon, had never been out of the country.
  3. Of all the trips I've taken, spending July 4th in Washington, DC is probably my favorite. It's an experience everyone should partake in at one point in their lives.
  4. I get motion sick very easily. Dramamine is my friend.
  5. My favorite mode of transportation is train. It's a shame that railways in this country have mostly been neglected.


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing Jersey! I am the most motion sick person *I* know personally, so I hope you aren't either as bad as I, or worse.I prefer Bonine over Dramamine myself. I do agree with the train thing, the only form of transportion not requiring Meds!

jersey said...

I'm with you on the train thing not needing meds. I don't know what it is, but I've never been motion sick on a train (unless it was some time as a kid when I don't remember).