Saturday, July 28, 2007

A week (almost) in Houston

22 hours from right now will mark our first full week in Houston. As to the question of, "how are you adapting?", I can say we're adapting pretty well.

The precipitation situation in Houston is the exact opposite of San Diego. Rather than trying to figure out why there is water coming out of the sky, we're trying to figure out what that yellow orb in the sky is. Having it be humid to the point of swimming through the air at 2a does take some getting used to. But, fortunately, it hasn't been oppressively hot (yet), and as of this moment we think we can adjust to the weather. We'll see how we feel in about another month.

I'm enjoying easy access to Creole/Cajun food - it's pretty much everywhere here - and I've determined that I love dirty rice. I'm currently tracking down a kickball league to join, and I tried curling for the first time last night (lots of fun). I'm fitting in just fine at the new job.

Karin is currently off at a dog park with Roscoe, and is enjoying exploring the area. She just finished her resume, and is currently applying for jobs.

Our house still hasn't sold. We've gotten some renewed interest of late, but no offers as of yet.

Anyone want to buy a house in San Diego?


Sarah said...

I do recall making an offer that was rejected. Something about $50 not being enough.

Nerissa said...

This is great info to know.