Monday, August 27, 2007

713 Restaurant and Lounge

Back in San Diego, Karin and I had a group of friends that would go out (roughly) once a month to a different restaurant to experience what San Diego had to offer. I had always wanted to start posting reviews of the places we visited. Now that we're in Houston, we're trying to check out places in Houston now, and since I'm blogging I figured this would be a perfect time. So with that, here's the first review:

What: 713 Restaurant and Lounge (Japanese/sushi)
10001 Westheimer Rd
Who (went): Karin, myself and a couple friend of ours
Description: The place tries to be hip and trendy, and to a certain extent succeeds (except for the fact that it's in a strip mall). There's a bar on right side as you walk in, with the restaurant and sushi bar on the left. They do play club music, but fortunately they keep it fairly quiet. They also open the place up as a club later at night.
How did you find the place: I had a couple of friends take me here during one of my business trips to Houston before moving here.
Food: I had the 71-Trio sushi combo, which has 3 different types of nigiri, salmon sashimi and a California Roll. The quality was outstanding. Karin, still not able to do sushi, had the 713 pasta, which everyone enjoyed. The husband of the couple we were with did the chicken skewers and the beef tataki. The chicken had an odd flavor to it, while the beef tataki was very tasty. The wife of the couple had a seaweed salad, which she enjoyed, and a sushi roll that had sliced apple inside. A with apple was something none of us experienced before, and gave the roll a great taste and a unique texture.
Service: The waitress was very friendly and attentive. None of our drinks were empty for long (if at all), and she was very helpful with the menu.
Would you go again?: Considering the fact that I had been here a couple of times before, and then decided to share it with everyone, I figure it's a safe bet we'll be back again. The quality is top notch, and I oddly enjoy the atmosphere.

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