Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Five

Before I get to my weekly nonsense, I just want to mention we survived all the rain just fine. Stafford was rather dry comparatively. Dean is still a big question mark, and I will keep the blog updated as the situation changes.

This week I've been on a Civilization 4 kick, so I figured I would do my 5 favorite games of all time. This list is in no particular order.
  1. Civilization (all versions) - I remember living in Duluth when my buddy Tim invited me over to play the game for the first time. I didn't realize at the time he was really giving me crack. Easily one of the most addictive games ever. I can't tell you how many hours of sleep I've lost to just "one more turn".
  2. Pirates - The better part of my high school years were spent playing Pirates. It's a miracle I graduated.
  3. The Sims (both 1 and 2) - Say what you will, but it's a very entertaining, engaging game. It's very easy to become engrossed in the fake world that is The Sims.
  4. Any football game - It's hard to single one out. Between Tecmo Bowl, Cyberball, Madden or even 4th & Inches, I've had a blast with each one of them.
  5. Wing Commander - So far ahead of its time. The graphics were superb for the time in which it was released, and the fluid storyline is still rare even today.

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