Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One month and counting

As of today (in about 4 hours) it will officially be the one month mark for Karin and I being in Houston. To sum up the month, it's been good, and it's also been stagnant at the same time.

First, the parts that haven't gone as well as we would have hoped. Karin's job search has been slow. It took a little longer than we had wanted to get together a resume that she was happy with, and while there was some initial interest from some places, that seems to have cooled off.

The other drag has been the house - it still hasn't sold. We've had one offer thus far, and we weren't able to get close enough in our pricing. Our agent has been very supportive through the whole process, though, and is convinced she can sell the place over the next month. We're starting to see an up tick in traffic again, so here's to hoping.

On the good side of things, we've been getting out and becoming familiar with Houston. We have found round abouts where we want to live once we are able to buy. We've also found a great sushi place (which I will post a review on later), as well as a good seafood place.

We've also discovered Spec's, which is a Target sized liquor store. I had mentioned when leaving San Diego that I was going to miss the beer; well not any more. The selection is great, with numerous brews from San Diego and the rest of the western US. Finding good beer in most of the restaurants out here is still a challenge, but at least I can get good beer at home.

Karin has found the local Petsmart that does doggy day camp for Roscoe, so he's happy. Karin has yet to actually find a dog park, however. She's tried a couple of times, and either gotten lost, or in the case of Millie Bush, it was flooded out.

I've been keeping myself busy at work. There's a curling club in Houston that does open curling nights every other Friday during the summer. I'm enjoying it, and it keeps me off the streets. There's a kickball league that starts up next Thursday, and I may try to get hooked up with that just to again get out of the house.

All in all, things are going well. As soon as the last couple of outstanding items get cleared up we should be all set.

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