Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Five

It's almost football season!

Let me say that one more time: It's almost football season!

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is this Sunday, which also means that the Hall of Fame Game, the first preseason game, is this Sunday as well. It also marks the 5 months which will easily take a full year off my life, as the Chargers do their best to kill me.

With that, I find it only fitting to do a Friday Five about football.
  1. I'm a life-long Chargers fan. Ever since I can remember, I've rooted for the Bolts.
  2. My first preseason game was a Jets game back when I was knee high to a grasshopper. My grandfather used to get preseason tickets and would often give them to my father who would take me. Saddest day of my young life was the one year when I was too sick to go; I still remember one of my father's friends coming over to pick up the tickets.
  3. My first regular season game was a Vikings game. I didn't get to see the Chargers live until 1998. Shortly there after we moved to San Diego.
  4. Because my father is a Giants fan, I did eventually learn to root for the Giants. That was until Eli Manning came around. I also developed a respect for Bill Parcells, and would pull for whatever team he was coaching. That was until he coached the Cowboys.
  5. I've been in the same fantasy football league for, what will be, 13 years this year. Every year I make the trek back to Minnesota for the auction/draft. Of all my possessions, the two championship mugs I have are easily among my most prized.

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