Monday, August 13, 2007

It's just preseason, right?

San Diego was lucky enough to get the first NBC game of the preseason last night. After all, according to the "experts", we're one of the best 3 teams in the league, and one of the favorites to win the whole can of Cheez Whiz. And it was good to see us show the world the kind of team we are.

In the first 3 sets of possessions, we had:
  • 5 penalties, which cost us 35 yards, an interception and a first down. Two of them were defensive holding, which with pass interference has plagued our defense since I can remember. We also got called for a false start and a delay of game which are simply loss of concentration.
  • 3 fumbles, two of which we lost.
  • 3 sacks.
  • And a dropped pass that hit Malcom Floyd right in the numbers.
And that's not to mention that the Seahawks first team offense had their way with us.

I understand it's preseason. I understand that this game means nothing. I understand that the biggest thing was that nobody got hurt. But the best play the Chargers had all night was simply putting 4 layers of bubble wrap around Tomlinson and not letting him get within 10 yards of the field. Beyond that, it's time to go back to training camp and start over again.

While we were watching the game, Karin asked me if I'm going to survive the season. Considering that there's a part of me that's still not over last season's loss to the Patriots, I give it a 50/50 shot.

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Donna said...

Richard says it's simply a matter of the Chargers not showing anyone their best moves. Yeah, I like that one. I'll stick to that! Try not to aggrevate your ulcer so early in the season. :o